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No one wants to talk about hormone deficiencies, but they are inevitable as people age. Men and women alike suffer from hormonal imbalances, which can result in a host of physical and emotional disorders. Hormone replacement therapy restores your youthfulness and vitality by replenishing what your body has lost over time. Not only can this help you feel better, but hormone replacement therapy could even prevent a number of health problems from occurring as well.

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Many people feel as though hormonal imbalance is something they must simply deal with. Rather than treating that problem, they instead focus on treating symptoms such as mood swings or bone loss with medication. At Total Rejuvenation, we believe there is a better way – treating the hormonal balance itself. By addressing the root problem, other side effects such as weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and decreased sex drive tend to diminish on their own.

To better serve our patients, we have partnered with physicians and other health care professionals from around the country. Your treatment begins with a consultation to determine whether you are a good candidate for this type of treatment. If hormone replacement therapy is recommended, one of our affiliate physicians will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. Your progress will be carefully monitored to ensure you achieve optimum results.

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A customized therapy for you.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you´re not feeling up to your greatest potential, then hormone replacement therapy (HRT) might be right for you. It replaces the hormones you´re losing due to age and replenishes your vigor and youthfulness so you feel the best you´ve ever felt.

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

In men, the idea of replacing testosterone is fairly simple: replacing what you´ve lost will bring you back to your full youthful nature again. You´ll see more gains in the gym and more energy to be with your kids and wife, and you´ll be more able to do all the things you want to do. Reclaim your misplaced youth!

Estrogen Replacement Therapy

For women, menopause and the sudden decline in estrogen lead to many health issues, including the symptoms of menopause. The mood swings and hot flashes are not fun to deal with. You can alleviate the symptoms you´re suffering from by getting estrogen replacement therapy, which puts all the hormones you´ve lost back into your system, helping you feel like yourself again.

Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and supplements are another option for you if you´re not suffering from reduced hormones (or just want to make your current therapy work better). With our vitamin and supplements along with our affiliate physicians, we can make sure you´re getting the nutrition you need to stay active, healthy, and ready to go.

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At Total Rejuvenation, we are committed to your safety and overall health. Our goal is to help you restore your youthful vitality in as natural a way as possible. We believe growing older does not mean you must look or feel your age. Contact us today to find out if hormone replacement therapy is right for you.