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Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and supplements are part of the daily, healthy lifestyle of many residents of West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding communities of South Florida, and the affiliate physicians of Total Rejuvenation can educate you on achieving the highest benefits from them and explaining which are right and wrong for you.

Unless a man or woman is painstakingly meticulous about what he or she eats, very few people maintain what would be considered a truly balanced diet. Even if a person is careful to eat only what are perceived as healthy foods, they still might not gain the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals. Men and women also need to take in the appropriate amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and other micronutrients. These are things that cannot simply be recuperated with a standard multi-vitamin.

The physicians at Total Rejuvenation know the importance of a perfectly balanced diet and the sheer difficulty of combining the right foods to make it happen. This is why the experts at Total Rejuvenation are a great source of information on vitamins and nutritional supplements that can supply essential vitamins such as Vitamin B and Vitamin B12. By adding these into a person’s daily diet, they are assured to have the perfect amount of micronutrients to allow their bodies to perform at peak levels.

How an Unbalanced Diet Can Hurt Aging Men and Women

Many people go about life maintaining diets that are far less than perfectly balanced, but it does not seem to immediately pose a threat to their health. While utilizing an unbalanced diet might not cause a person’s health to deteriorate instantly, it certainly can catch up with individuals. As people age, they gain more and more of a dependence on these essential micronutrients. If a person is stuck in a mode where they eat foods that rob them of essential vitamins and minerals, it will certainly affect their health.

The right nutrients become paramount in situations such as illness, surgery, and aging in order to help an individual maintain good health. As with hormone therapy, introducing the appropriate micronutrients to the body will help it perform at peak levels for a longer period of time. These measures will also help hold off the negative effects of aging.

The physicians at Total Rejuvenation understand the big picture in terms of giving the body what it needs. They combine hormone replacement with the right vitamins and supplements to give the body everything it needs to operate in a healthy fashion. Throwing in proper diet and an exercise regimen can make a man or woman the epitome of health and vitality. No anti-aging program is complete without the proper nutrition, diet, and exercise to enhance the overall experience.

Is Taking Vitamins and Supplements Safe?

Some people attach a negative stigma to taking vitamins and supplements. These skeptics believe that by doing so, a person might be overloading their bodies with too much of a good thing. This fear is not unfounded, but it is not an issue that patients of Total Rejuvenation have to worry about.

Vitamins and supplements can potentially be harmful if they are taken in extremely disproportionate doses. In fact, the Federal Drug Administration estimated that one of every 10 people that enlist the help of supplements take an unsafe amount. What is considered an unsafe amount varies from person to person, taking into consideration factors such as the individuals’ diet, metabolism, or weight. What is an unsafe amount for one person might not even be a sufficient amount for another. Also, it is important to consider the delivery method a given patient needs. For most, oral supplements are the optimum delivery method, but in some severe cases, having a vitamin IV drip may be necessary.

Some simply do not understand the dangers of overdosing on supplements. In their minds, the supplement carries positive nutritional value, so the more they take, the better. This leads to the epidemic of mega-dosing. This is when individuals take 10 times the FDA-suggested amount of vitamins or supplements. Again, this is generally done because that individual thinks this will benefit them. Vitamins and supplements, however, should be treated as prescription medication because, essentially, that is what they are. When a person supplements the body with anything, be it hormone or micronutrients, it has to be done in the right proportion otherwise it could cause damage or negative side effects.

The Body Does Not Produce Some Important Vitamins

Many vitamins are essential to the human body but do not naturally occur in it. To get the greatly needed doses of these vitamins, a person must rely on their diet. When a diet fails to deliver the right amount of these vitamins, and it usually will, adding them through a supplement is the only answer.

These vitamins dictate very important functions within the body, leaving one to face dire consequences when the body does not receive an adequate amount. For example, Vitamin A helps everything from vision to the growth and development of red blood cells. Vitamin C helps support growth and repair of the body’s tissues.

These important vitamins should be in the body in different proportions based on how old a person is, among other medical factors. The physicians at Total Rejuvenation are able to decipher the correct dosage, so a patient’s body does not have to struggle without these important vitamins.

Why People Turn to Supplements

Patients might have heard of some of the more popular supplements, such as fish oil and Saw Palmetto. Many supplements are being found in the favor of both doctors and patients alike. While the physicians at Total Rejuvenation will be able to walk patients throughout the seemingly endless number of useful supplements on the market, it is important to know why certain supplements have garnered such acclaim.

Each supplement carries with it nutritional value that can have an important effect on the body. Take the omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish oil, for example. This supplement is used very commonly among people these days. The effect fish oil has on a person only confirms the notion that no man or woman is at optimal health unless they employ nutritional supplements and vitamins into their diet. Fish oil, which carries docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), helps promote a healthier cardiovascular system. The omega-3 fatty acids break down the plaque that causes the body’s arteries to harden all while lowering blood pressure and the risk of an abnormal heart rate, heart attack, or stroke.

Many men have sought the health benefits of Saw Palmetto, too, which is one of the many herbs that can have a potential effect on the prostate. Saw Palmetto can be of use to help cure negative urinary symptoms in men with an enlarged prostate. Another redeeming quality about Saw Palmetto is that it is less likely to present side effects as opposed to synthetic drugs developed for similar use.

Saw Palmetto is a perfect example of a supplement that can ease the effects of aging. While an enlarged prostate could present itself in older men, Saw Palmetto helps downplay the negative effects of it.

Gaining the Right Vitamins and Minerals with Total Rejuvenation

Finding a qualified doctor or physician to aid in this process is essential, and Total Rejuvenation’s physicians have years of experience accessing an individual’s nutritional needs and prescribing the appropriate doses of vitamins and supplements. With Total Rejuvenation, patients know they are getting the right prescription for vitamins and supplements because it is all based on a thorough health examination. Our physicians will arrange a one-on-one consultation with patients and, together, review the patient’s complete blood panel. From there, our physicians will be able to highlight which vitamins and supplements may be beneficial to that individual and in what doses. Total Rejuvenation physicians also carefully monitor which vitamins and micronutrients the body absorbs, adjusting dosages and delivery methods accordingly along the way.

If you live in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding communities of South Florida, contact us today to find out more information regarding vitamins and supplements.